Meet “Baby”

“Baby”, a gift from a 3-year-old boy to his brand-new sister, this was her first Christmas. Since that day, she has never been without Baby, except for those unfortunate times when she lost her in Disneyland and another time lost her at Costco. We heard that she was inconsolable during the frantic searches. When a brand-new twin doll of Baby was given to her in exchange the original, she would not have it. There is literally no substitute for Baby.

You can see the spots where Baby was mended several times over. Even now as Baby’s left arm hangs by a few strands of cloth and her dress faded so that you can hardly see the pattern, my Niece still holds on to every moment with her.

It took a little coaxing, but my little niece handed her precious doll “Baby” over to me for a few days as I made a photographic study of her little treasure. Oh boy, I heard it was tough going for this 10-year-old having to be apart from her cherished friend. Her Mother later told me that she was unable to sleep the first night and for the rest of the time while I had Baby, she had to fall asleep while holding Mothers sweatshirt.

I worked quickly to get the right images of Baby, but I wasn’t in the right state of mind knowing that my niece was without her “security blanket”. Usually I would take my time to analyze, shoot and see what I have done and shoot some more. But I knew I had to return Baby to her buddy, so she could get some normal sleep. Finally, I returned Baby with an 8X10 enlargement as a thank you. The gratitude on my Nieces face as she held the photograph in her hands made it all worthwhile.

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