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Vincent Chan in the Invisionation Photography Studio

Looking back at Remembrance Day 2015, still remembering

Remembrance Day has come and gone for another year, but it remains one of the most important days to me and holds a special place in my heart. It is important for everyone to remember throughout the year.

After concluding my stint in Ottawa in 2004, photographing for Veterans Affairs Canada, I thought of all those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, especially those very few WWII Vets and even fewer WWI Vets. I listened to some of their stories—some that were never even shared with their own families. I’m sure they didn’t want to put the weight of their horrors onto their loved ones, but they all still needed to talk about it, to remember and to justify their actions however tragic they were.

In 2009, I decided to do a small photo project to say Thank You for your service by photographing a hand full of Chinese Canadian WWII Veterans from Chinatown Unit 280. Since then, I have been helping with their photography needs and always attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony each year.

This year was no different. Only about three of the original sixteen Veterans I had photographed are left, and only one or two were able to attend.

This year I introduced one of my favourite Veterans, Mr. George Chow, to a friend of mine who teaches at an elementary school. She was interested in Mr. Chow meeting her grade 6 & 7 classes, to share his story and answer a few questions. It was a memorable day, and the students loved him. They invited him back for their school’s Remembrance Day Ceremony and paid homage to George.

Here are some photos from both of those events.

INV151102EngBluffGeorgeChow-71 INV151102EngBluffGeorgeChow-58 INV151102EngBluffGeorgeChow-30 INV151102EngBluffGeorgeChow-88 INV151102EngBluffGeorgeChow-111 INV151110EngBluffRemembrance-347 INV151110EngBluffRemembrance-447 INV151110EngBluffRemembrance-460 INV151110EngBluffRemembrance-126

Here are a few images from the Vancouver Chinatown Remembrance Day Ceremony.

INV151111RemembranceDay-61 INV151111RemembranceDay-389

Leading up to Remembrance Day, the Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society held their 70th Gala this year, to commemorate the end of the Second World War.

WWII Veteran Mr. George Chow was the recipient of one of the highest honours, a surprisingly big kiss from Lieutenant-General (Ret’d) Hon. Romeo Dallaire during the Anniversary Gala dinner held in remembrance of the end of the Second World War.

Chinese Canadian Military Museum 70th Anniversary Gala

Over a dozen WWII veterans attended the sold-out event, honouring and remembering the fallen and those who have gone before them. The night featured a powerful and poignant address by Lt. Gen. Dallaire.




Christina Marie Cichos

The making of a great photo: our giveaway winner talks about working with Invisionation Photography

And the winner is… Christina Marie Cichos!

Christina is a young soprano and a vocal instructor in Vancouver. I first met this young vocalist while I was commissioned to photograph the UBC choir, led by Mr. Graeme Langager, Director of Choral Activities. Christina blew me away with her powerhouse performance as she performed lead and was backed by an ensemble of a hundred voices. Our paths would soon cross again when Christina performed with The Phoenix Chamber Choir, and that was our last connection. Until recently, when her name was picked out of a hat as the winner of the Invisionation Photography Package Giveaway earlier this summer. As I had mentioned in my previous post, I get excited when I have a chance to photograph artists, and Christina is no exception.

Normally I would talk about the shoot and my techniques during the session, but I think I’ll let Christina talk about her experience. One of the Invisionation Photography team recently interviewed Christina about her experience, and here is what she had to say:

What was your reaction when you learned about winning our contest?
I was unbelievably excited to have won this contest! Such a great surprise since I normally never win contests, and as I’m starting to work on my career professionally, I was already thinking about getting new head shots done. Great timing.

What did you think about your experience, and seeing your photos for the first time?
I felt very beautiful, and it also felt like a wonderfully creative experience too. I really liked that Vincent included me in the creative process. At our first meeting, we sat down for a tea to just chat about my expectations and what concepts he had in mind, it was exciting. I felt that I had a real input in the creative process. Vincent is so incredibly knowledgeable and artistic; it’s fascinating to watch him think. It’s very clear he’s got a vision for various situations, and that made me very excited to work with him. I had fun trying different poses and outfits, and Vincent allowed me to just talk about anything I wanted. He played awesome background music during the shoot, which was really fun to groove along with. He’s also very easy-going and kind, which made it easy to relax in the studio.

Christina Marie Cichos

What was the highlight of the photo session for you?
This is such a hard question to answer, I don’t know if I can pick one favourite, but I can share a few.

Vincent had an idea for a prop, I would copy some of my Opa’s (Grandfather) old sheet music, a piece he’d really loved. I took the copy and distressed it, to make it look older, and then Vincent experimented with shots that focused on my eyes. I really enjoyed working on that prop. I was so glad that Vincent liked it enough to want to keep it as a memento from our shoot.

The day before the shoot, I was cleaning house with my family, when my father unearthed my Oma’s (Grandmother) old choir folder and their old church music. I brought it along to the shoot and ended up spreading the sheets on the floor for a few photos, and that resulted in one of my favourite photos from the shoot.

All in all, the shoot had this sort of wonderful family connection for me.

Christina Marie Cichos

Was there anything that surprised you about your experience?
There’s a lot that you don’t see that goes into the making of a great photo, I really enjoyed seeing that. I got a special behind-the-scenes look and realized the important things that are actually hiding outside of the frame to help in the creation of the photograph.

And to be directed into so many different poses, it definitely makes me appreciate all of the hard work that goes into creating a great portrait.

Christina Marie Cichos Invisionation Photography, Vincent L Chan at work in his Vancouver photography studio Invisionation Photography, Vincent L Chan at work in his Vancouver photography studio

Anything else you would like to add?
Another highlight for me was just how much fun I had. Vincent made it very easy to work towards our vision.

He is wonderful to work with, and takes such beautiful and interesting photographs. I’m planning on using these portraits for my various career and social media sites.

This was such a positive experience. I will recommend Invisionation Photography to others looking for a great photographic experience.

Invisionation Photography Invisionation Photography

Christina Marie Cichos

Capturing the Face of the Philippines

A few months ago, I was given an opportunity to visit the Philippines. My intention was to photograph the people without giving myself away. I would be like a street photographer capturing what unfolded before me. I believed at that time, that it would be less intrusive for the locals if I captured images from a distance, so I started off using a 50-140mm. Shooting from afar also gave me the advantage of observation without distraction to the subject. However, this wasn’t a style I was comfortable with.

As I was shooting, I became aware of others watching me and I realized how receptive the locals were to being photographed. I began to understand that being photographed was not an ordinary everyday occurrence for them, especially in the rural parts of the country. So I decided to forgo my zoom lens and opted for the 35mm1.4 lens. This lens brought me physically closer to the subject and allowed for a more intimate photography experience between us. The smaller unobtrusive camera also helped as people were not so threatened. My camera of choice was the Fuji XT-1. As my shooting continued, I realized that I was reverting back to my portrait style of photography also.

Communication with the locals was not always easy, although English is regarded as an official language of the Philippines. This issue was remedied by my guide who briefly explained what my intentions were. All this being said, sometimes words were not even needed, the simple smile, a gesture with my camera in their general direction, or a nod or a flick of the eyebrows was good enough to grant me permission to photograph them. I was even approached by unintentional willing subjects that simply wanted to let me know they were ready for their closeup, though they would never have a chance to ever see their own image, they were ready to let me know they had existed.

As my portraits progressed, I began to notice something about the face of the Philippines. Through monsoons, floods, hurricanes and God knows what other natural, economic and political disasters faced by the Filipinos, they still manage to hold a glimmer of hope in their eyes, a spark that says, ‘I’m still here’, and a quiet resilience that so many mistaken as sorrow.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the trip.



Photography Package Giveaway ($350 value) Winner!

After drawing from all the entries of my first social media giveaway, we have a winner to announce!

First, I would like to thank everyone who visited my new Facebook page and website, and thank you to those who have shared with your friends. If you missed the photography package giveaway details, you can read about it in my previous post.

Now, without further ado, I am pleased to announce the winner of my photography package giveaway, valued at $350, is Christina Marie Cichos! Please contact me (before August 10, 2015) to claim your prize. I look forward to meeting you.

To everyone else, be sure to continue following me for future promotions and photography opportunities. If you want to ensure you don’t miss an update, you can subscribe to my seasonal newsletter, Behind the Lens.

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Victoria Pride


It’s Sunday July 5th, and all four crosswalks at the corner of Pandora Avenue and Broad Street have been painted in colours of the rainbow. Victoria’s City hall has raised the rainbow flag and not unlike the rest of Canada, Victoria celebrates its Pride Week.

My goal on this day was to capture the vibrant colours of the crosswalks as participants passed by in their equally colourful costumes. The reception to my photography was more than just friendly, it was lovingly welcomed. My perspective was from up high, looking downward not only at the people, but also to capture them against the backdrop of the brightly coloured crosswalks.

Again, I used my Fuji XT-1 on a monopod, which gave me a point of view that no one else had.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the afternoon.


A Friendly Photography Package Giveaway ($350 value)!

In celebration of my new website, I’ve decided to giveaway one session of Professional Photography Services by Invisionation Photography to one lucky friend or future friend! Valued at $350, the winner will have a full hour photo session with me, and the winner can choose between having a portrait or family photography session.

Here are two samples of my work with portraits and family photography, and you could be next. If you want to see more, please view my Faces and Family portfolios.


People are the heart of our business and the source of our inspiration, and we take the time to get to know our clients, who often become our friends in the process. We want to dedicate this giveaway to our community of friends and future friends. As such, the rules to enter this giveaway are very simple, all you have to do is like Invisionation Photography on Facebook.

We would love for you to enjoy the updates we’ll share there. Please go ahead and like us for a chance to win this photography package giveaway. And if you are already following Invisionation on Facebook, thank you, you will automatically be entered in the giveaway. You can earn another entry by sharing our page, or commenting on our posts during the giveaway.

If you want to follow Invisionation beyond Facebook, you are invited you to check out our Twitter (@vincentlchan), Instagram (@vincentlchan), and LinkedIn pages too.

The giveaway draw is now officially open, and the winner will be announced on July 9, 2015. I will announce the winner here on my blog and on my social media pages.

Here are a few more giveaway details to note: this prize is only valid for residents living in the greater Vancouver area of B.C. This promotion has no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash or exchanged for other services or products, and may not be used in conjunction with any other prizes offered by Invisionation Photography. This prize must be redeemed no later than October, 29 2015.

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Welcome to Behind the Lens, My New Blog

Behind the Lens, Invisionation Photography BlogI am really excited to share my brand new website with you! It was time for a new look and feel at Invisionation Photography Inc. and I am pleased to share with you my new, clean online space, including some of my favourite portfolios of work.

As some of you may already know, my body of work at Invisionation is specialized in Family, Weddings, Events, Editorial, and Faces. So we set up the site around these portfolios, but will continue to showcase new work and projects that I am fortunate to work on with clients, via my new blog: Behind the Lens.

Behind the Lens will feature posts from me, including some photography tips from time to time, sharing different experiences I have with clients, talking about some of the work that goes on after an event or the photo session is done, and also letting you know about opportunities I am a part of that you might be interested in too. My blog extends to my newsletter of the same name, Behind the Lens, where I will email you occasional updates from Invisionation Photography Inc. If you are interested, you can subscribe to my newsletter here.

For now, I simply want to say welcome and I invite you to explore my new portfolio website. I also encourage you to follow me on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) to your liking. I am “learning the ropes” of the social media world – so I won’t be bombarding you with too much content, I always choose quality over quantity.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact me. I enjoy talking with new people and discussing photography opportunities and ideas.

Before I sign-off of my first blog post, I must extend a sincere thank you to Jeanette LeBlanc (Jeanette LeBlanc Communications, @jileblanc), Maia Rowan (Graphic Design), Wayne Sopko (The Other Orange), and Christine Faron Chan for helping bring this site to life – their ideas and time made it all possible. I must also thank those who provided feedback during the testing of the website, your feedback was invaluable.

Thank you for stopping by,

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